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HF and 6m mobile/base 100W. Autotuner, mobile or remote system.
Bought new in late august 2012. Will be using this from Hurum, or home exprimenting with remote system and as general simple non-SDR transceiver. Hi Hi.
(Sold august 2013.)

More info: TS480

ARCP480 Computer Control Program (Link)
I love this program from Kenwood. You can make a user profile for the RX and TX audio in DSP equalizer.
I tested several of the samles made by Kenwood for TX. The best is in "Loudnes 2" and the first example gives a rather good audio. Crispy and clear with the original hand microphone. Smooth and good with a desk mike like the Alinco EMS-14 in FM-mode.
(Even with bandwidth of 300-2700, is pressed to aprx. 200-2800, and it goes further down in the low end with external equalizing..)

ARHP-10 Host program for internet based remote access.

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