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HF base 100W. VHF/UHF base 100W. Autotuner, APRS, Sky-Command remote control, you name it!!
I had a TS-2000 in the past, but sold it. Didn't like the grey/silver look.
This time I was lucky to get hold of a second hand rig of the 60th Anniversary Edition, Produced in 2006. The Black version!
It's a Limited Edition, and only 570 radios is produced for the whole world. 300 is sold in the US.
These radios has its own serial numbers. Mine is no. 139 (of 300). Great, I love this look and it makes a big difference for me.
I knew the radio have good audio and almost every thing I need else.
(Sold may 2012.)

Kenwood TS-2000 Anniversary Edition

THIS MUST BE THE BEST MODERN ESSB RIG!  (up to 7Khz TX bandwidth using computer and software)
The most sensational essb news since introduction of the Flexradio's!
See the homepage of the discoverer of this possibility, G7VKK, Steve. Information about the method, see HERE.

I have tried it using a small Toshba Portege R800 laptop computer with a Presonus Firebox soundsystem with firewire.
The connections were the same as I already used to connect my audio setup with PTT, into the ACC2.
I reduce the audio level with an iBox from W2IHY.

The program to use, Reaper looks like this:

One think I don't like with this rig is the fan sound. It starts up also by receive only, from time to time. I think they used a to much noisy fan. One solution is to replace the fan. But my latest trick was to add a 150ohm, 2w in serial with the original fan. (Note: I'm not running 100W carrier any time. I most run SSB on this rig. And remember Norway is a cold country.)

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