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The great big power of Kenwood!! TL-922  1.3KW SSB POWER!

A Kenwood TL922 linear amplifier with 2 × 3-500Z valves is one of the best, sturdiest and compact build pieces of equipment for radio amateurs. It is equipped with double shielding in a cabinet of thick material with sturdy handles. It is designed with good quality components and there are separate transformers for the HV and filaments. If the HV transformer overheats a thermal safety device incorporated inside it will operate and disconnects the bias. When you switch off the amplifier, the cooling fan will carry on for a few more minutes. These are all features not present in a lot of current models. This is good advice if you come across a 2nd hand one , however there is always room for improvement. (PA0FRI at

The Kenwood TL-922 Tube Power Amp!!!

I bought the amp from LA7VIA, John Haug after he was gone silent key. Some years back I made a repair on this amp by replacing the band-switch. It was a rather big job. Now I have wired it for 240V (not 220V as it was) and replaced all light bulbs for the meter and RX/TX lamps.

Here are pictures from inside the FL-922 after cleaning. Click on the pictures below to see bigger versions:

Inside top of TL-922 klikk for a bigger picture to see details
Inside buttom of TL-922 klikk for a bigger picture to see details
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