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ESSB audio

STUDIO-A, The Basement Shack:

First the mike:

August 2011: Just got this ElectroVoice EV-27 N/D.
Professional Broadcast Dynamic Michrophone.
This will probably be my main ESSB mic, as it sounds great.


Electro Voice EV-27ND Professional Dynamic Michrophone

Used with VAC s6 pop filter from "Popless Voice Screens"


Behringer MIC2200 Ultra Gain PRO
(Vacuum Tube mic preamp.)

Behringer EX3200
Ultrafex PRO Sound Enhancement Processor.

Behringer DEQ2496
UltraCurve PRO Audio Processor.
(Graphic EQ, Parametric EQ, Dynamic EQ, Expander/Gate, Limiter...)

APEX 204 Aural Exiter and Big Bottom voice processor.
Actually connected after MIC2200 preamp.

Behringer DSP2024P Viritualizer Pro.
( Used as effect processor, plating....)

Behringer 1002FX Mixer with simple EQ and Effects (no picture)

Rig's used in this shack is: IC-775 DSP with Behringer FBQ800 Equalizer on RX.
Flex SDR-1000 (not in picture) , IC-821 VHF/UHF.
RX sound for IC-775DSP and Flexradio and computer audio output: Cambridga Audio Azur650A, Patos speakers.


Studio A anno 2011:

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