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handheld with D-STAR Digital Mode, Voice and Data.-
(Notes, thoughts and experiences by LA4WAA- Stig)

Type: Amateur VHF/UHF transceiver
Frequency range: TX: 144-146 / 430-440 MHzRX: 0.495-999.990 MHz5/6.25/8.33/9/10/12.5/15/20/25/30/50/100/200 KHz steps
Mode: TX: FM (DV option (Digital voice) UT-121)RX: AM/FM/WFM (DV option (Digital voice) UT-121)
RF Power output: Hi: 5/5Lo: 0.5/0.5 W

First experiences (2006):
For a long time I have been waiting for something new. This was it! I purchased this radio with a digital unit, UT-121 in july 2006, and started to study it out. The only problem was... I didn't have anyone to test the DV-mode against.
First look gives me a nice feeling. Compact, but a bit bigger than I was expecting. The Icom quality shines thru. Power up worked fine. The dual bands is a bit special. All settings for ham-radio must be done on band B. Band. A is a “Radio” as when trying to use one of the memory channels while in A-band it only shows preprogrammed radio channels. The MENU on A-band don’t have all choices as when in B-band. Strange. I must come back to that later.
Most settings is done with the MENU-button, then navigating with the red arrows on the keypad, 2,4,5,6,8, most use is 5(enter).

First setup that must be done before really starting to use this radio:
- Button Beep must be turned off, in my opinion: MENU -> SOUNDS -> KEY-TOUCH-B , select OFF . MENU (to get out)
- 2MHZ duplex shift 70cm for repeaters. Choose BAND in VFO mode first:MENU -> DUP/TONE -> OFFSET FREQ -> 2.000.00 [5] -> MENU- 0.600MHZ for 2m repeaters. Same way. Was ok on my set.
- VFO step on 2m must be 12.5KHz to access all repeaters in Norway:Press and hold [8 TS] to set step. Easy!
- 1750Hz tone setup:Press and hold [DTMF.M] , rotate DIAL to set T-CALL.(Press PTT and SQL together to start the repeater.)
This points was the first steps to start using the IC-E91, and to start programming the memories and so on. There is also an other small problem. When carrying the IC-E91 in the belt, the volume knob will be rotated, as it is mounted to close to the backside of the transceiver. Therefore I had to include the volume knob to the LOCK function.
- MENU -> SET MODE -> LOCK -> ALL [5 enter]This enables lock for everything except PWR, PTT and MENU button.(LOCK is easily turned on by press and hold MENU button. Great!)

Connecting to computer or GPS?
First I tried the GPS-cable I use with my Kenwood TH-D7. This did not work. I couldn't find any information in the manual or on the net how this connector is wired. So I bought the RS-91 software with cable, and investigated it. The wire is of course the opposite of Kenwood. (Grin!!) Look here, mini-jack wiring..:
- Tip is data in to IC-E91 - connection to TXD, pin 3 on the computer side RS232 (9 pin)- Ring is data from IC-E91 - connection to RXD, pin 2 on the computer side- Shield is ground - connected to GND, pin 5 on the RS232
The RS-91 program worked right away. Must be more familiar with it, before I write more about it.

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