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The Icom IC-821H 2M/440 all-mode transceiver was designed from the start for superior satellite and digital communications. Output power is continuously adjustable.
Output on VHF 144-148 MHz is 6-35W SSB, 6-45W FM/CW.
Output on UHF 430-450 MHz is 6-30W SSB, 6-40W FM/CW.
Sub Band Receive and Sub Band Transmit are both featured.
It is 9600 baud compatible right out of the box. A built-in electronic keyer is also supplied. In the satellite mode, the Sub band is set to transmitter (uplink) frequency and the Main band is set to the receiver (downlink) frequency. In this way, the analog S-meter, IF shift, noise blanker and RIT functions can be used for receiving. This is convenient for fine tuning the transceiver's operation to your needs. The 821H is PACSAT compatible and includes a hand mic.

I use mine for most local and repeater FM operation.
I use my SM-20 microphone on this rig.
I also have a HM-14 with DTMF buttons.

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