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ICOM IC-77 commercial HF  transceiver
Icom IC-77 is the commercial version of the IC-707. Normally the 4 buttons to the right of the VFO is not present on this rig. The VFO is more simple click-switch for channel use only. Internally this rig can be configured as the IC-707 then it can be opened for all bands, including 60m band. 

I have increased the weight of the VFO knob from 7gr to about 40gr, and that gives a much better feeling when you turn the knob. 
Also the 4 buttons are in place. They are printed with 3D-printer by mr. Christopher Kise at Christech.no.

I also dressed up the covers with "digital-camo" vinyl paper, and the VFO-knob. :-)
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