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Hurum QTH


QTH Hurum cottage
Locator: JO59GP

When the weekend comes, YL and me find great pleasure in travelling one hour from Oslo city up to this quite place at Hurum. We have to drive through  a long tunnel under the Oslofjord. Before the tunnel was made, you had to cross the fjord from Drøbak to Storsand. Our place is up in the forest, far away from the populated area. Well not that far away, but enough away to get rid of the HF noise. :-)

- Full size loop antenna for 80m, with 1:2 balun, (Fritzel 1,4KW). Also tunes to other HF bands.
(You cannot see it here. Feeding is in the big tree, at left in the picture.)
- 14AVQ vertical ground plane with 3 radials for 20 and 40 meter band
- 17m/20m Dipole homebrew 

- Diamond X-500 for 2m/70cm
- Cirio CX-4-68 4m vertical 3/4 wave

The slideshow shows the shack in various states, and the equipment used changes all the time:

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