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YEASU FT-950 HF and 6m transceiver:  

SOLD! but still a good Yaesu rig, value for money....

I first installed the brand new "PEP950" software;  Main CPU Ver. 0111 and EDSP Ver. 11.53, released 23/7-09. The new software (firmware) is found on the US webpages for Yaesu. WWW.YAESU.COM
The rig feels and looks great. It is easy to find most features. There is a menu with 118 items, so there is something to get to know better. I can accept the TX bandwidth of 3KHZ , but I would like to find out how to expand the RX bandwidth up to at least 4KHz. If someone has a clue, please contact me.

This rig wil probably be used in the B-Studio Shack, and some at Hurum cottage.

Using the PC-control program PCC-950, there is a very interesting way to configure the DSP TX equalizer.
(Download from Yaesu.com - Owners Corner, logged in.)

By clicking Prmtrc in the top menu, you can set up the two parametic equalizers. (Without or with processor.) The settings can be stored as files, and recalled later. Very good Yaesu!
The two pictures below shows differnt setting I have experimented with. Look how the three indepenent eq bands (red, blue and green curves) forms a total audio-curve, shown by the black curve. This settings gives a smooth clean audio. The settings here, with high emphasis and bass roll-off, are for advanced dynamic microphones, like my new AKG D7. Using parameters that gives a "bumpy" curve easily gives a distorted audio with the FT-950 DSP. It's impossible to "see" this without such program.

Settings with high emphasis and a little low cut away.
Settings with high emphasis and a much more low cut away.
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