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CRE 8900 10m

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CRE 8900

This little rascal is a very compact transceiver for mobile use.
Covers 28-30MHz , but can be modified to cover 25-30MHz. (60 channels in each band.)
First some information about the programming cable. This transceiver is equiped with a mini-USB jack on the backside.
That does not mean that this radio is an USB-device. No, this jack is a RS232-port camuflaged as a USB-port.
You need a special USB-cable that is also a USB-to-Serial converter. (Profilic type.) (Some webbsites is selling standard mini-USB cables to this rig. I tried that but it didnt work.)
First thing YOU MUST set is lowering the beep when turning channelselect or press any button. (beu off)
Then I found out, the beep-volume is wrong in the Programming software (3.1.0) you must set the CW-SIDE-VOL, and you do set the BEEP-VOL.

I reprogrammed my band data to get most of the 10m band in addition to the most important on CB.
Skipped the 25MHz band. Going from CB ch -40 up to 28Mhz. Then from 28 to almost 30MHz

Band   Frq from     Frq to    Channels     Description
A          26,515         26,955         40            Minus 40 CB
B          26,965         27,405         40            Normal CB band
C          27,415         27,995         54            CB 80 +, up to 28Mc
D          28,015         28,605         60            10 meter
E           28,615        29,205          60            10 meter
F           29,215        29,805          60            10 meter

Some links to important videos on YouTube:
Export mode/10m mode modification

CRE8900 Overview

CRE8900 on air audio test

Above: cottage with vertical antennas. in middle GPA 27 1/2 reduced by 30cm to get better SWR on 10 meter band.

Underneath: Hurum shack in june 2013 with 10m and 11m stuff. :-)

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